Video testimonials from actual RDR Sounds clients

How RDR Sounds helped with a family’s unexpected event – and survived it, thrived, and even stronger today. RDR Sounds used: Depresssion, anxiety, stress, relax, focus, and a customized sound per user.

My first surgery was at the age of 9 due to various neurological deficits and loss and spinal fusions. I was supposed to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life….today, I am walking, standing on my feet nearly 5-8 hours a day and run around. Thanks to my RDR Sounds: PTSD, addiction, depression, customized sound per my condition.

Dr. Mashburn had severe claustraphobia, nightmares, and a feeling of restraint…”the frequencies helped me more than anything else I’ve tried.”

“I have been using RDR sounds for three years now. It’s easy to use in your daily life and routine. Thank you RDR Center!” RDR sounds being used: Anxiety, depression, day-to-day living sounds for coping, past trauma.